Welcome Wenbin Liu(Laboratory director) to become a member of committee!

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Wenbin Liu (Laboratory director) 

Tianjin University, China

Research Area:

Geotechnical Engineering

Research Experience:

Wenbin LIU was studying for a Ph.D in 2010-2015, majored in geotechnical engineering, has worked  in Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. Of CCCC First harbor engineering Co., Ltd. since July 2015. The main research results include submarine pipelines' bucking and soft foundation reinforcement. The main published papers are:

[1] LIU Wen-bin, LIU Aimin. Numerical research on the lateral global  buckling characteristics of a high temperature and pressure pipeline with two initial imperfections. PLOS ONE-2018, SCI: FZ7QU

[2] LIU Run, WU Xin-li and YAN Shu-wang, Global lateral buckling analysis of idealized subsea pipelines, Journal of Central South University of Technology, 2014, vol.21(1), 416-427. SCI: AC3YU

[3] LIU Run, LIU Wenbin, YAN Shuwang, HONG Zhaohui. Finite element study on manners triggering pipeline global buckling based on the concept of the perfect VAS length. Journal of pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice. SCI: DK2WA

[4] Hong Zhaohui, Liu Run, Liu Wenbin, et al. A lateral global buckling failure envelope for a high temperature and high pressure (HT/HP) submarine pipeline. Applied Ocean Research, 2015, 51:117-128. SCI: CL1YL

[5] Hong Zhaohui, Liu Run, Liu Wenbin, et al. Study on lateral buckling characteristics of a submarine pipeline with a single arch symmetric initial imperfection. Ocean Engineering, 2015, 108:21-32. SCI: CU2HY